Base Operations Support & Facility Maintenance

Base Operations support provides the resources needed to maintain mission capability, ensure quality-of-life, and enhance productivity.

We offer reliable, cost-effective base operations support by vetting and employing skilled, local workforce in the routine upkeep and maintenance of base facilities, food preparation, cleaning services, and personal care services for our government client and their host nation partners.  

Our local workforce performs preventative maintenance on critical resources to improve reliability, and reduce operating and maintenance costs in austere and remote locations.

By removing small, routine tasks from our customer’s daily to-do list, they can focus on their mission-critical tasks.

Facility Management Services

Base Operations Support and Facility Maintenance Services offered by Zadris Inc

How personal services can be beneficial to government contracts

Improve the health and happiness of employees The personal services that are provided by Zadris inc have the potential to make a positive contribution to the health and happiness of employees.

Raise the level of satisfaction felt by employees Providing employees with personal services can raise the level of satisfaction they feel toward their job and employer.

Enhance the reputation of the firm by providing personal services to its employees; this can also contribute to the favorable reputation of the organization.

Encourage diversity and inclusion: Personal services can be adapted to fit the individual requirements of employees coming from a variety of different backgrounds, so contributing to the creation of an inclusive atmosphere in the workplace.

Cultivate an atmosphere of support Personal services have the potential to make a positive contribution to the establishment of an atmosphere of support within the organization.